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In Where Will You Be the scene is set at a voting booth and citizens are about to vote. It does not state what they are voting for specifically, but the poem indicated that it is about gay rights.He is asking which way would you vote and to think about the consequences that come with which way chose. The author describes that all people no matter your race, gender, or sexual preference, someone at some time will classify you as being different or as he put it, "perverse". He uses different scenarios to give images which help make better understanding of his words for the audience. The author also uses a unique style of writing in this poem. It is also ironic that the speaker of the poem happens to also be the author which he makes clear in the poem.
The audience in this poem is to people, people who need to make a choice. However throughout the poem he breaks the message up to let different groups of people know that he is talking to them at a specific moment. First it seems to be directed towards people who are heterosexual and people who are homophobic or just don't believe that homosexuality is right. They are the people who are also scared to stand for something that they believe in. He helps to identify this is line 9 "Citizens, good citizens…", also in multiply lines the question is asked "where will you be when they all come?" Towards the middle of the poem he switched the audience to everybody when he says in line 49 "where will we all be when they come?" by him changing from "you" to "we all" and the word all being italicized lets us know that the audience has changed. Then he changes the audience again when he goes back to using the word "we", such as in line 57, but the "we" now stand for people who are classified as being homosexual.
The author uses a unique style of writing which further enhances the tone and


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