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When a Man loves a woman

In the movie When a Man Loves a Woman it is about a woman who has a problem with drinking and gets put into rehab and when she gets out of rehab her and her husband start to have problems and separate, then they realize their problems and decide to give it another try.
In the beginning of the film Michael does not know that there are problems in their marriage because Alice is impersonal and is not communicating her feelings with him, she counts on alcohol to take her problems away. Some of her problems are that Michael has decision control over the children, he undermines her authority and belittles her in front of them, and that her mother criticizes her all the time. When she tries to talk to him about how she feels when he goes away on trips he doesn't talk about it, he just says that when he comes back that they will take a trip to get away. When they go on the trip they start to metacommunicate. When she goes into the hospital she becomes more interpersonal by telling him about hiding the alcohol and hitting her daughter.
After Alice gets out of rehab she sits down and tells Michael to ask her anything. He asks how it all got started, she tells him that no one really knows, that it could be that her father was an alcoholic or that maybe it was the fact that her mom made her feel like she was a nobody. Her self-concept about herself is that she is guilty, sad, depressed, frustrated, confused and that she would like to feel happy for once. The reflected appraisal comes from her mother's comments, her mother would blame Alice's lapses on her father.
The motive of Alice's drinking is her mother's comment's and her husbands stereotyping by taking her on trips. Towards the end of the movie when he comes homes and sees Gary there. He goes upstairs and she goes up after Gary leaves. They start talking and the talking turns into punctuation when she blames him for Gary leaving. Af


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