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When Bad Things Happen To Good People

When Bad Things Happen to Good People
There have been many times in life when I have turned to a "God" with problems and wanted answers or solutions and received nothing.When this happens I take the time to reflect and ask myself, "Why, when I do some many good things, do I not receive any answers or solutions to my problems?"The book When Bad Things Happen to Good People, written by Harold S. Kushner, has brought some answers to my problems.This book explained and help clarify why even though I am not a bad person, that sometimes bad things are bound to happen.When Kushner wrote this book I feel that the meaning of his writings were that God does not mean to punish us, he just means to test us and present us with problems and see how we react to them.As put best he wrote, "The God I believe in does not send us the problem; he gives us the strength to cope with it."(127).Kushner makes many references to the bible and his belief in a higher power, "God".I personally may not think there can be one and only one God but I do believe in a higher being or power and I like how Kushner makes sure to point out that he is not calling it the God but "his" God.It shows an almost non-biast opinion and it shows a lot of respect towards all groups of people.I remember one time specifically when my great-grandpa recently passed away I turned to God for answers.Instead of getting an answer I got more problems.My great-grandma and grandma both had strokes, my long-standing girlfriend and I broke up, my parents got split up and divorced, along with all of the other normal problems that go on in live that we, as humans, have learned to expect in everyday life.My belief in one and only one "God" diminished.I felt that there was no


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