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When I Grow Too Old To Dream

When I Return in Spring is the true-to-life story of a very troubled time in our nation’s history when families were torn apart by the call to arms, and our American way of life was threatened by the enemies of freedom. It is written in a novel format in order to make it more reader friendly. This historic account of World War II is as a firm reminder that our freedom cannot be taken for granted, but that it has been purchased with a price and must be earned anew by each generation. It is one soldier’s personal account of the bitter air war over Germany where more that fifty percent of those sent into combat failed tore turn. It brings to light a little known death march of five thousand American prisoners of war, forced to walk for over five hundred miles across Germany in the dead of winter on a starvation diet, where over two thousand of them died of exposure, disease and starvation. Because war does not present a pretty picture, the author has seen fit to dull the graphic scenes of violence to avoid offense to tender minds. The story line and language, devoid of vulgarity, crudeness and profanity, have been adapted for the family audience and can be enjoyed by young and old alike, and is often read as a family project. Delbert D. Lambson


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