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When the Tripods Came

When the Tripods Came

Tripods. Have you ever seen one? Have you ever experienced an actually encounter with aliens? If you enjoy fun filled tales about aliens from outerspace, you might like this book. You don't think alien's can be that harmful to us humans, until you read this Science Fiction book.
The story begins with Laurie and his friend Andy. They are young boys who get lost on their way home. When they decide to spend the night in a barn until morning, they discover a Tripod standing over a farmhouse about 100 feet away from them. The Tripod was soon destroyed by military and armed forced. The boys are then interviewed on t.v. and the radio as thefirst people ever to spot a Tripod.
Laurie's younger sister is named Angela. She is a spoiled 7 year old that always gets her way. Angela finds a new and interesting t.v. show that she has never seen before called The Trippy Show. Children all over the world watched this show, and began to break out in violent attacks. The children are said to be under Trippy control. Aliens, or as they call them, Trippies, have been giving signals to satellites and are controlling this show.
When t.v. is no longer being shown anywhere in the world, the Trippies send special helmets down to Earth. Anyone who puts one on is now controlled by the Trippies. Laurie and his family are able to disable some of the helmets and act like Trippies long enough to get on an airplane to Switzerland where his Grandma owns land. They gather there with other non – Trippy people and live together.
Although this story didn't have a usual happy ending, they did manage to stay out of the Tripod's control. I enjoyed this story because it was fun filled and I thought the Grandma was really funny. I hope you decide to read this book. You might enjoy the rest of the series too, called The Tripod Series.

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