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Where Evil Is

This novel was a fictional story. Everything and Everyone in this story were not based on a true story. It was written by Carol Beach York. It was published in 1987 by Pocket Books in New York. There are many characters and settings in this novel. It is full of suspense and it kept me wondering.
The story took place in Larrimore Hills Michigan. The main characters are Marjorie and Charlene. Marjorie goes to spend the summer at Charlene and David Kensington's home. Marjorie found a newspaper on Charlene's table with a headline that read "Inmate Escapes Asylum." That newspaper article began the suspense of this story for me.
As time went on and Marjorie enjoyed her summer with Charlene and David, the people of Larrimore Hills Michigan had begun reporting a mysterious figure in the woods and they started to fear for their lives. One Monday morning something very strange had happened, Charlene had received a letter that read "Ask your husband if the accident at Greenwood Lake was really an accident." Charlene told Marjorie that is where David'sfirst wife had drowned. Charlene thought it was very rude for someone to write that letter and suspect that David had something to do with his wife's death.
The next couple days they were waiting for a second letter and finally on Thursday it had a rived. Meanwhile David is off on a business trip. This time letter was not so brief and was not easy to dismiss as a harmless joke. The letter read "The accident at Greenwood Lake was not an accident. Your husband murdered hisfirst wife, and he is going to murder you. He has already tried and he will try again. Charlene and Marjorie both had gotten a little frightened. Later on that week Charlene and Marjorie headed up to that very lake for a little vacation.
One night Charlene and Marjorie spotted two men in the woods. Marjorie wanted to get out of there but Charlene said they probably wouldn&ap…


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