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Where the red fern grows

Billy is a young boy who lives on a farm. He really wants two coonhounds but his father can’t afford any, so Billy works hard selling fruit and bait to fishermen until he can afford the dogs. When he had enough money he gave the money to his grandfather, who orders them for him. In the middle of the night Billy sneaks off to town to pick up the dogs. After getting his new coonhounds they were on their way home but Billy decided to sleep in a cave with them. While they were in the cave they heard a mountain lion howl from the outside, but the dogs bravely howl back. Billy decides to name them Old Dan and Little Ann.
When he gets back home he wants to start training them, so his grandfather shows him a way to set up a trap that will catch a raccoon.After waiting for a while, Billy is about to give up on the traps, but he catches one.The next day he began training the dogs.
One day Billy and his grandfather made a bet with Ruben and Rainie Pritchard that Old Dan and Little Ann could catch the legendary “ghost coon”.SO the Pritchard’s follow the hound’s complicated lead after the coon.The Pritchard boys get tired of following the hounds and want to give up, but Billy is determined that his hounds can do it.When the dogs finally have the coon treed, Billy refuses to kill her, so Ruben started to beat up Billy and Billy’s hounds begin to attack the Pritchard’s dog.Ruben runs to attack the dogs with an axe, but he falls and kills himself.
One day Billy’s grandfather entered him in a coon-hunting contest.So he, his papa and his grandfather take a buggy to the contest.When they arrive there are many hunters with expensive gear and beautiful hounds.All the hunters were very kind to Billy.On thefirst day Little Ann won the beauty contest.Billy and his dogs qualified for the championship round.When they are out hunting a winter blizzard begins and they lose track of the dogs.Billy’s grandfather sprains…


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