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The Color Purple, by Alice Walker, is structured as a series of letters written by Celie and her sister, Nettie.Celie is a troubled young woman with no self-worth, little confidence, and no self-esteem.Miller shows how Celie changes into a mature, whole, and true woman.
In the beginning of the book, Celie does not sign her name at the end of her letters, and she is afraid to stand up for herself because she has no self-worth, no self-esteem, and little confidence.People usually take pride in signing their names, but Celie does not.This is partly due to the fact that Celie's father rapes her and beats her, starting at the age of fourteen.Celie becomes pregnant and is not able to go to school.She is confused by this and has no way to know that her father's actions are wrong.Celie's mother is not in a mental or physical state in which she can explain or stop anything done to Celie.So, Celie grows up believing this is how she is supposed to be treated.
Celie feels unloved.No one has ever showed her any sort of love except for her sister Nettie.When Celie marries Mr.______, she is separated from Nettie.Mr.______ does not treat Celie any better than her father did and only marries her to take care of his four children (8).She overhears this in a conversation between her father and Mr.______ and is shocked by the fact that Mr.______ would even consider marrying her.When he does marry her, his oldest son Harpo hits Celie in the head with a rock because he does not want a new mother (13).Celie is not even loved by Mr.______'s children.
Celie writes to God because she needs someone to talk to.She loves and trusts God and knows that he loves her.Since she knows that Nettie is unreachable, she feels that God is the only other thing she has that cares about her.
No one ever even makes her feel valuable.An example of this is when Mr._____ says to her, "Look at you.You black, yo…


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