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In Their Eyes Were Watching God, the reader is introduced to the character Janie. As the story progresses the reader learns that Jamie isn't the best when comes to picking men, until she meets Tea Cake. Among the three men she married how did she know that Tea Cake was the best?
In order to figure out the differences in each marriage it is a definite to look at one who chose these men. Janie is one of those types of people who isn't sure who they are or where they want to go in life. If one doesn't know who they are then how does one know who they want to love? When it comes to love all she knows is that she wants what everyone else wants; someone to love who loves him or her in return. Also while being in love Janie have a sense of herself.
Thefirst husband the reader meets is Logan Killicks. Logan was not even Janie's choice to marry. Nanny thought that Janie would be better off with marrying someone who is financially secure. There are thefirst two mistakes; wasn't her choice and the marriage was for the love money. So she assumes that she grows into loving, but she is afraid she will never love him the way she wants to. However, her worst fear came true, she never fell in love with him. After Nanny her dies Logan doesn't treat her as if she were the wife of someone who has money. He puts her to work as a farm hand Jody, where she meets her soon-to-be second husband. As their marriage progressed Logan and Janie get into a fight calling her spoiled and he puts her down to make her feel like all she is good for is to serve him. Janie couldn't take that anymore so she left her husband and ran off with Jody.
Jody Starks seemed to be a lot better than Logan. Logan wanted to be treated as thought he were a god. Jody was a type of man who was ambitious and like having power, which actually was appealing to Janie. When Janie and Jody moved into a town called Eaton…


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