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Whickham,the forgotten

Wickham, the forgotten influence of the story
Pride and Prejudicewas written by the famous Jane Austen in 1813.It wasfirst called' First Impression'.The reason for its name was pretty obvious after reading the novel.The main character, Elizabeth, often judged others by thefirst impression.As the novel proceeded, these characters slowly revealed their true personalities, which were totally contrary to thefirst impression.There was an obvious misjudgment between many characters especially Elizabeth and Darcy.However, these misjudgment were essential in shaping the outcome of the story.
Pride and Prejudice tells the story about five sisters of the Bennet family and their different belief towards life.The five sisters are Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Kitty, and Lydia.They lived at Longbourn in Hertfordshire.Without any male heir, the family would have to give up their property to their closest male relative, William Collins.He worked as a rector of the Lady Catherine de Bourgh.
One day Charles Bingley, a wealthy young man, rented Netherfield, a house near Longbourn.Accompanied him was his two sisters and his friend, Fitzwilliam Darcy.Charles Bingley and Jane soon began to develop a relationship.Darcy was fond of Elizabeth, but her feelings towards him were the exact opposite.She disliked him for his coldness and arrogance.Her hatred mounted when she thought Darcy misjudged George Wickham, young militia officer. Moreover, she learned that Darcy took part in the separation of Bingley and Jane.
In the meantime, Mr. Collins came to Longbourn for a visit. Encouraged by Lady Catherine and his concern for the Bennet family, he proposed to Elizabeth.She rejected him.He then proposed to Charlotte Lucas, Elizabeth's best friend, which she eagerly accepted.
Elizabeth went to visit the newly wed where she again encountered Darcy.On his prior visit, Darcy had expressed hi


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