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Whispers in the Sand

To escape from something is to break loose from confinement; get free and a means of obtaining temporary freedom from worry, care, or unpleasantness. In the novel, Whispers in the Sand, by Barbara Erskine it uses symbols which represent this feeling of escape.The symbols used in the novel try to symbolize some form of escape or difference between reality and illusion; the concept of escaping their own lives and retreating into an illusion has entered each of the character’s minds. Everyone in the novel seeks haven from their lives, attempting to escape into a mythological world.In Whispers in the Sand, Erskines’ use of the diary and the scent bottle portrays the high priests, Louisa and Ana's need to use the escape as a literal exit from their own reality.
In previous times when ancient Egypt was ruled by pharaohs there were two priests who had a struggle that abruptly ended both of their lives. This struggle was for the power and recognition of the pharaoh at the time. One priest ruled towards God and all things good, whereas the other wanted the power and for the Pharaoh to give him the recognition for finding an elixir of life so that he may live forever. Knowing that this was not an acceptable thing to do the "good" priest did whatever was in his power to stop the elixir from going any further or into the hands of the Pharaoh. As the priest went into stop the other from producing such a formula he says, "No you mustn't, you can't. You have no idea what you are doing. You may think this is going to help all your problems but in the end you will always be here. Reality is this. Do not use a formula to make your life into some kind of illusion…" (12). By his statement alone it is possible to believe that the bad priest was only doing these acts in order to break free from his own life. That he was using the elixir which becomes the scent bottle to Ana in modern times as a way to make things …


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