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In today’s complex world the image of who you are and who you should be is changing everday. We live in such a diverse country yet, there is only “one” right way to live and that one way is “rich.” This is suppose to be the American Dream, to live wealthy and happy, well i am sorry to say that thousands of Americans will never reach this dream and they will die trying. Our country is changing and growing so rapidly due to new ideas and technology that is a necessity to be able to adjust and just because you are able to adjust doesn’t mean you will be living wealthy. If someone decides they need to change their identity to adjust to the world, by all means go for it. You may be able to get by with this new identity, but whatever you are hiding from the past with your old identity is bound to come out. Like Gatz for example in The Great Gatsby, he changes his name form Gatz to Gatsby because of his past. Gatsby is deeply in love with a young women name Daisy and because of the fact that he was poor in the past kept them apart in their future. So what does an individual with no hope or dream do to adjust to our “one” right way of living?He begins to dream and reinvents his whole identity to fit into this artificial world of materialistic things. it’s not such a bad idea to want to recreate your identity as long as you don’t have to hurt anyone in the process. Gatsby gets so caught up into his new identity that he has to keep his lies going in order to keep his identity alive. Gatsby is so in love with
Daisy that his situation of being poor will motivate him to do just about anything to gain wealth so that he can reunite with her. Gatsby starts to get a little selfish and he doesn’t care who he gets involved when it comes down to getting Daisy back. Just like thousands of Americans in the United States, Gatsby is guilty of losing his true identity because he allows another man, Mr. Wolfshiem, to create his new identity.You shouldn’t l…


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