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Who is Eddie Leonard

Who is Eddie Leonard?
This book is about a boy who grows up without his mother and his dad, but raised by his grandmother or Lorraine. The tells us about his childhood which was not very easy to live. He never has met his mother Sharon and asks her grandmother about her a lot. When Eddie asks about his mother he never gets the same story from his grandmother or a completely different one. It seems that Lorraine is mad at her daughter for leaving her with Eddie, and sees him as a burden. Lorraine constantly puts him down, and he bothers her with his tendency to ask too many questions at once. In the end even though he bothers her she does love him, but doesn't really show it much in the book only sometimes. Eddie grows up to be a good kid even though he sometimes smokes (a habit given to him by his grandmother). He used to stay in school a lot just trying to get away from home because he thought it wasn't really his home. His grandmother's health fails and without knowing it she dies in the hospital. While coming to the apartment that day he sees this missing person sketch of Jason Diaz at 15, and takes it home. He thinks its his face and believes he is Jason Diaz. He goes on a search to find his "real family" he says.They don believe Eddie and don't know how to feel about this boy, they have been traumatized by people pretending to be their son for many years. I think Eddie is just trying to find the perfect family, which he desires whom he thinks is the Diaz family. In this part we not only read what Eddie is going through but we read Miller Jason's younger sister experiences. The ending is really shocking you won't expect (you will have to read the book if you want to read the ending. This book is very good, and you won't be able to put it down….


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