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Who Killed Kurt Cobain

Who Killed Kurt Cobain? By Ian Halperin and Max Wallace is a great example of a novel about Kurt Cobain's life. The novel tells about his whole life from his birth to his tragic death upon the Seattle society and music fans across the nation. Many people believe that Cobain's death was not a suicide, but a master plan executed by "homicide geniuses" that Cobain's wife, Courtney Love had hired. This essay will prove that Who Killed Kurt Cobain? Is indeed a novel.
Thefirst proof is that the book is 256 pages long. The set length for a novel is 120 pages. The book also contains 8 pages of color photography and 9 pages of documents containing Kurt's "suicide" note, police reports, investigation summaries, and a note from Courtney to Kurt. Along with fitting the length, this book also has more than one slice of life.
The second proof of a novel is that there is more than one slice of life that takes place during this story. This story spans throughout Kurt's life from his early childhood to his death at age of 27. The story begins in Aberdeen, Washington where Kurt is born to Wendy and Don Cobain. The story speeds up throughout his teenage years, his parents divorced and he was starting to be influenced by the Seattle rock scene, and starting a band. His band released numerous demos until finding the perfect members and decided to call it "Nirvana".Nirvana became big after the release of their CDs "In Utero" and "Nevermind". Nirvana soon found themselves touring the nation with some of the Seattle bands that they had looked up to opening for them. Kurt couldn't take the touring life and the popularity and began resorting to drugs. This eventually led to his suspicious death in 1994. Along with having more than one slice of life in the story, this book also contains more than 6 main characters.
The 3rd proof of this novel is that


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