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Why a bug was used in the Metamorphosis

Why a bug chosen for the form of Gregor's Metamorphosis
Kafka choose the form of a bug for "The Metamorphosis" because of the perception that a bug is perceived as a mindless systematic creature, a metaphor for the way Gregor lives his life, and acts in society.This short story, by Franz Kafka illustrates how one can get lost in their roles and responsibilities in society, forgetting one's own path and self.This is brought to light through Gregor's transformation into a bug.
The general knowledge or belief of a bug is that they are both mindless and insignificant.Due to their size, and numbers we can honestly feel indifferent as to if they live or die, and because of how they look and lack of any kind of personality they could easily be deemed flat out undesirable.Bugs in colonies, or hives are mindless drones, much like lemmings sacrificing themselves for the greater good of the colony/queen without question.Despite these things insects are the staple of many ecosystems, it could be said many organisms depend on the existence of these small, and perhaps under appreciated beings.
These traits are visible both in society and "The Metamorphosis" relating to human behavior.It is not uncommon to hear people who work for a large corporation referred to as corporate drones.This comes from the day to day work of sitting in a cubicle, taking orders from supervisors, and sacrificing a small piece of identity for the greater good of the company (Office Space anyone?).Gregor is constantly sacrificing time and any personal gain not only through his work, but for his family as well.On his shoulders alone lays the burden of supporting a four person family, through an unforgiving job, not once questioning his seemingly endless, and depressing situation.
Gregor's family and friends could not have been more eager to forget about him.Perhaps only the lingering thought of what Gregor on…


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