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Why is the Pamplona Fiesta so

The Sun Also Rises explores many unsettling yet contemporarily relevant themes that make for a very vital and important novel.The Pamplona Fiesta significantly acts as the catalyst, which alerts the reader to these themes and the extremity of the consequences and emotions behind them.Hemingway's conscious use of the idyllic Paris, teamed with a graphic insight into the insouciant and privileged lifestyles of the characters, is very effective in establishing a canvas on which to place the ferocious contrast of the Pamplona experience.The underlying themes, (of which will be explored in the essay) such as the'lost generation', religion, economy, gender politics, and aficionados are present in the Parisian environment, yet Hemingway does not truly manipulate them to their full apocalyptic potential until they embark on the fiesta.Hemingway also employs many effective structural techniques in order to achieve these unsettled themes, such as dichotomy between characters and themes and (arguably) large metaphors for the characters in relation to the fiesta.The essay will focus on this possibility in the context of the Pamplona Fiesta and the cycle and repetition of how'it kept up day and night for seven days.'
Therefore it seems a sensible place to begin talking about the theme of the'lost generation' and how it transforms from a passive acceptance of post World War One Parisian society, to a more sinister and callous experience of disorientation when placed in the context of the Pamplona Fiesta.This is mainly owed to two principal factors, these being; the change or scenery and Spanish Fiesta lifestyle; and the strategically positioned Robert Cohn as the outsider amongst the lost generation aficionados and the anti-thesis of the Hemmingway hero.The two themes of the'lost generation' and aficionados and outsiders complement each other extremely well, henceforth they wil…


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