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Why Oppose Racism

Racism is a weapon used by those who are in a position of assumed power, against those with obvious cultural characteristics, seen as inferior. Racism hurts the victim both physically and emotionally and often has serious consequences as serious as death as a result of murder or suicide. Racism is also responsible for violent outbursts against our cultural'others' and damages social relationships.
With the anguish that racism causes in society, it is evident that racism is wrong and should be opposed in society. If society continues to ignore racism in its current effects in Australia and other countries around the world, the effects will continue and as a result many national communities will not be able to reach their social goals of'multiculturalism' and'reconciliation' in socially cohesive and progressive surroundings.
Racist aggressors avoid responsibility for their actions and consequently enable racism to perpetuate in society through the use of various tactics. Aggressors avoid responsibility through denial that they were being racist, minimization by stating victims escalate the situation, blame shifting i.e.; "they started it", redefinition of the event, claim it was unintentional, say the racism issue is over or has been sorted, state that there are only a few racist people who let society down, aggressors may counterattack that they are racist because they have reason, or compete the racism by claiming that the aggressor is actually the victim (Kivel, P 1996).
With aggressors avoiding responsibility for such treatment on cultural'others', they are unable to see the effects of the issue. This in effect will result in the aggressors disagreeing that there is racism evident in society as they refuse to acknowledge their behavior and racism will continue to perpetuate in society. An example of this is with John Howard refusing to say'sorry' to the Abor…


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