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Wide sargasso sea

1. We have stated that the narrator and focalizor in the novel Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys are identified with Antoinette in thefirst and third part of the novel and with Rochester in the second part. Read pages 89 to 98 and 126 to 127; consider whether this generalization remains constant in the way specified. Why?
In the second part of the novel the narrator and the focalizor is Mr. Rochester, Antoinette's husband. However, in some sections of this part he is interrupted, by Antoinette from pages from 89 to 98 and by Christophine on pages 126 – 127.
It may be said that this is so because the writer wanted to object to the imagine of Antoinette that was created by Rochester's retelling. In addition, the author wanted to show that Antoinette suffered because he betrayed her but she could not abandon him, as Christophine had advised her to do because she had no money of her own now. When she married Rochester and following the law imposed by the English men, that said that women were supposed to give their husbands their dowries; she gave him all her property. This is evidence to support the fact that Patriarchies imposed their laws, rules, beliefs, etc. over the colonised people.
In addition, we can say that these interruptions account for the fact that throughout the novel, there is a shift of power. The voice that is given more right to speak, to express now does not belong to a member of the oppressing society but to a member of the oppressed society. Antoinette and Christophine, who represent the oppressed people, have power over Rochester's retelling. Moreover, on pages 126- 127 we can see how Rochester's mind is invaded by Christophine's voice. In that part the point of view, the focalizor changes, although Rochester is still the narrator.
2. On the basis of the previous answer, discuss whether the interruptions of the discursive space contribute to the post-colonial nature of


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