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Wife of Martin Guerre.

An eleven year olds' destiny had already been adhered to.Bertrande de Rols had been married at this tender age in 1539.She was married in Artigues, a small isolated French town where'the crags and the valleys of the Pyrenees were the cause of their prosperity and pride.'Martin Guerre was the other half of the married couple, three years her senior, yet both were no older than babies themselves.Despite the fact that the young Bertrande had been married, she still resided in her own home.It was not until three years after she was married when tragedy struck.Bertrande's mother had died and she was sent to live the Guerre residence. 'Bertrande saw his features, exaggerated in the flare of the torch. . . and the realisation that henceforth her life lay beneath his jurisdiction came suddenly and overwhelmingly to the little girl.'Already, Bertrande's life had been outlined, under the power of her father-in-law.Sympathy is effortlessly felt for the trapped naive girl, whose own personal identity will never be explored.Bertrande had nothing to live for except to be mistress of the farm.Without argument, she willingly takes on this position as she is aware of where she stands.
Disregarding the fact that on thefirst night of married life, Bertrande endures, from her husband, a cuff upon her ears, a scratch on her face and a tug of her hair, Bertrande and Martin do eventually unite. 'Very well. Kneel.'Monsieur Guerre struck the jaw of his child, Martin.Martin had not asked his father to participate in a bear hunt, and was welcomed back this way. 'It was not just,' whispered Bertrande to Martin, proving that she possessed the ability to side with her husband, who was mischievous towards his authoritarian. 'Martin, you are brave,' and it was with those words that Martin had fallen asleep, with his arm resting upon her shoulder.Here our fondn…


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