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Wild Swans

"Wild Swans: Three Daughter of China"
"Wild Swans" is a gripping account of the lives of three generations of women in 20th century China. Jung Chung is the author of this book, and the third of these heroic women. Born in China in 1952, she has successfully and vividly documented the lives of herself, her mother, and her grandmother during the many changes China has endured.
The story starts off with the life of Jung Chung's grandmother born in 1909. After years of preparation for marriage, which included the inhumane practice of binding feet, her father uses her to better his life by marrying her off to a northern warlord. Women in those days had no say so in whom they married, it was prearranged and love was rarely involved. She was not made his wife, but a disposable concubine. She did not live in the same household as he and his family did, she lived elsewhere and was made to wait for his return. Confined to a house she nearly lost her sanity but eventually managed to have a daughter named Yu Fang.The warlord she was enslaved to eventually died and miraculously she was allowed to be free again thanks to good fortune. She eventually married a well known doctor much older then herself. After an ugly disagreement with his family, which objected to their marriage, they decided to take the child and start life over again. They brought up their child, Yu Fang, who is the second generation of this story, from shear poverty.
The war with Japan began, and the civil war between the Communists and the Nationalists grew fierce. Against this brutal backdrop, Yu Fang grew up becoming involved in the Communist cause. As a young girl she was a revolutionist that stood up for her beliefs. She eventually met a man by the name of Wang Yu who was a very well known Communist. They eventually got married and shared in their victory over the Nationalists. Eventually Wang Yu became


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