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Wild Things review

Wild Things is a movie based on sex appeal, money, power, and greed. These

things help all of the mysteries unravel. This reviewer was entertained by the twist after

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twist, it is also thought that the setting and the people that the actors portrayed were the

key in making the plot believable. With the story line that takes so many turns the added

items might be the only thing holding the movie together.

While this reviewer found the sex appeal and the struggle for money and power

exciting, it is a clearly a movie that the younger generation would prefer over the

depression generation. While I find "sleaze and cheese… with gratuitous violence and

even more gratuitous sex" enjoyable (Anthony Leong 1), others may not. While the

twists are far-fetched and unlikely to happen, the drama and the suspense built in with the

never-ending twists made the movie truly wild.

With out the setting and characters the plot would have just "tripped over a

tangled bundle of far-fetched crime theories which would nauseate audiences", says Blue

Velvet (1). As Scott Ventura says, With all of the heat and humidity of South Florida, its

much more believable that this kind of story line would happen. (2) Thinking like the

man that I am, who wouldn't want to see the beautiful nude body of Neve Campbell and

Denise Richards, even Steve Rhodes says there body's are admittedly worth displaying


As Blue Velvet states, Gorgeous young characters, tabooish sex, gobs of money,

and a rage driven by class struggle, Wild Things presents mysteries that compound

themselves into sub-mysteries to trick and deceive audiences. Wild Things is rater R for

full-frontal nudity, sex, dope smoking, profanity, and some violence and would be

suitable for older teenagers.


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