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willie lowman

Evaluate Willie Lowman as a parent. Show how he impacted on the lives of his sons and his wife.

As far as his impact on his sons, he always wanted them to be better than he was. Willie deep down inside knew his shortcomings. He knew he was just an average, at best, salesman and to his credit he always wanted more for his sons, especially Biff. He always embellished his stories when he came back from sales trips. He wanted his sons to think of him as a successful man, someone to look up to. They did look up to him for most of their youth but it seems that all changed after Biff caught him in the hotel room with another woman. It was after that episode that everything changed as far as his relationship with Biff. The movie doesn't really give insight into how or when his relationship with Happy changed but in my opinion there were two key errors that Willie made that could have changed the results in the end, and not made things turn out so bad for Willie and his sons.

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One- Willie never showed his sons the true Willie while they were growing up. I don't mean he had to portray himself as some failure because he was not really a failure but he was not nearly as successful or unflawed as he let on to his sons. I also don't mean that he should have let everyone know he was cheating on his

wife, but the fact that while growing up his sons knew him as this larger than life man who they wanted to emulate, only exaggerated the let down they experienced when they found out the truth. Willie only concentrated on telling his sons how important it was to be successful. Never teaching them how to deal with failure or disappointment, so when his sons experienced these things they didn't know how to deal with them. When Biff caught his father in the room with that woman everything that his father told him growing up seemed to go out the window. He only knew his father as someone that he really wasn't all his youth. So whe…


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