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Winesburg, Ohio

Winesburg, Ohio Essay
The novel Winesburg, Ohio by Sherwood Anderson is a compilation of short stories depicting the towns many grotesques.The novel defines the term grotesque as being a person who embraces a truth and a truth as being a composite of many vague thoughts.Most of the grotesques seem to delineate themselves through George Willard, the reporter for the Winesburg Eagle.They usually felt a bond with Willard which leads them to tell him their story when they refused to tell anyone else.An explanation of why each individual is considered a grotesque is necessary and three characters will be evaluated and thoroughly explained in the following paragraphs.
One of these grotesques is Wash Williams.Wash is the telegraph operator in Winesburg, Ohio.In the past Wash was called the best telegraph operator in the state, and he is still proud of his ability even though he was transferred to the obscure office in Winesburg.Wash is described as the ugliest and most disfigured man in the entire town.He has an immerse girth, a scrawny neck, and feeble legs.Everything about him is filthy except for his hands.The truth Wash whole-heartedly embraces is the feeling of utter repugnance towards women.Wash despises women and pities men who love them.This is best expressed in a quote where Wash denounces his wife.He decrees, “Yes, she is dead, she is dead as all women are dead.She is a living dead thing, walking in the sight of men and making the earth foul by her presence.”He contrives this truth as the result of the actions of his wife and mother-in-law.The only person Wash will tell his story of unabashed hatred is George Willard because Wash has some compassion for George since Wash saw George kiss Belle Carpenter and he does not want the same thing to happen to George that happened to him. The story begins with Wash marrying his wife who is left unnamed.After Wash marries his …


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