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Witch child

Moti Iluz Miss. Bensimon
Grade 9x 1-27-04
Witch Child
"I am Mary. I am a witch." Mary Newbury is very different from every other girl; she is faced with a struggle that is very unique. That struggle is between being a country woman and being a witch in Europe during the 1660's. A period where witches were hunted and tortured and killed to take the blame of all problems in society.
Mary's grandmother did not confess that she was a witch. Yet she was tortured and hung in front of Mary's eyes. Mary then had to try her hardest not to show any signs that might lead to people's suspicion. Mary lived in Europe, a place where people who were different were considered unusual and strange and not accepted. Mary did not want to put herself in danger so she fled to America. But, to her dismay, everyone in America was just as superstitious. In America she acted like a normal, Puritan girl and hid any evidence of witchcraft that may have led to her accusation. Mary made new friends and she didn't tell them her secret of being a witch.
Throughout the story Mary is disliked by three local girls and is accused of being a witch. Mary denied it of course to avoid execution. She maintained Puritan values on the outside and she had friends that helped and supported her in this cause. In every way possible she hid her witch background. Mary helped the town in any way possible. She helped mothers give birth, she cleaned houses, she took care of the children, and she cooked, for families.
Toward the end of the book Reverend Johnson, the leader and preacher of the town, accused Mary and four other girls of being witches. They were watched by a drunken guy in the woods. He saw them conjuring up spirits to the town. Most of the townsmen were also suspicious of the girls because since Mary's arrival…


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