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Witch of Blackbird Pond

At sometime in your life have you ever had to relocate and start a new routine that your not use to? Well, in the novel The Witch of Blackbird Pond, by Elizabeth Speare, the main character Kit moves from the sunny island of Barbados to dreary Connecticut, a totally different environment and culture because her grandfather who raised her dies. From the time before she steps herfirst foot on American soil, problems are already stirring up with her. In the novel, Kit has to deal with the maturation process, relocating, and friendship.
Everyone knows what a year can do to a person. Kit is no exception, there is definite proof in the novel that Kit under goes the maturation process. For example, in the beginning of the novel she is immature. She is immature and wont except the fact she has to adjust to living in Connecticut. "She didn't want to admit how disappointedshe found thisfirst glimpse of America" (Speare 7). This quote gives the reader proof she didn't like America atfirst sight. However, in the middle of the novel she adjusts slightly to typical Puritan life. She goes to church with her family and she does the chores around the house like a Puritan women is expected to do.She doesn't dress in her flashy dresses anymore either. At the end of the novel, she isalmost totally transformed into an adult. She realizes the true values in life and falls in love with Nat. She also makes decisions for herself, such as deciding to leave on a ship which is ironically named Witch, to America with Nat.
A big part of what helps Kit mature in the novel is her relocating to Connecticut from the Barbados islands. There is a big difference between the Barbados and America. One of the most obvious is the weather and climate. Kit wasn't too fond of New England cold, damp gloomy weather. Among other things, the town is very small. "The whole town will be talking about it by night fall" (Speare 39…


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