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This book is about a young boy who is on an adventure to discover the truth about Witches! This young energetic boy is called…well actually he doesn't have a name, he is just known in the book as'Boy', and he is kind of the narrator in this book.Anyway the person responsible for beginning his fascination about witches was his very own grandmother. His grandmother was Norwegian, and apparently all the Norwegians knew about these so called Witches! The Boy lived in England with his parents, while his grandmother lived in Norway and usually twice a year his family would come down to Norway to visit his grandmother.
Unfortunately, just soon after his seventh birthday, they were heading up to Norway and their car skidded off the road and came tumbling down into a rocky ravine, both his mum and dad died in this tragic accident and strangely the boy only got away with a minor cut in his forehead! After that it was arranged that he had to live with his grandmother in Norway.
The grandmother trying to help the boy forget his tragic lost decided to tell him stories. She told him all kind of stories, but out of all the topics,'Witches' was the most he was really interested about! She had told him about 5 children who had an encounter with a witch and never lived to tell the tale. In one of these stories this one really fascinated me…there was a family called Christiansen, the lived up on Holmenkollen and they had a really old oil painting in the living room which they were very proud of. The painting showed some ducks in the yard outside a farmhouse, there were no humans painted. It was a rather large painting and really pretty. Anyway one day their daughter came home eating an apple, she said that a nice lady had given it to her. The next morning they couldn't find their daughter anywhere, it was like she had vanished into thin air, but in the end they found her, they found her in the painting! …


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