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Without Seeing The Dawn

The story starts by describing the main character, Carding. At age eighteen, he had been fully grown as a very strong man.As the only son of Juan Suerte, he helps his father plow the land that they are tending to form their landlord Don Diego.As they lived in one of the suburbs of Iloilo, a barrio named Manhayang in the town of Santa Barbara.They lived a simple life, pasture the carabao and plow the land.Carding as a young lad usuallygoes out to the river and the field with his cousin Gondong along with their friends Polo, Ruben, Poncing, Isko and Intong.During that old times, the sons are the ones who help their fathers toil the land because farming is their mainsource of income.While the women stays at home doing household chores along with their daughters.Carding is a favored suitor of Lucia aka Lucing.Lucing is the beautiful daughter of Teniente Paul, the barangay chief of Manhayang.Lucia holds the beauty title as Ms. Barangay Fiesta. Many young men admires Lucia, but Carding won her heart.One night, Carding talked to his father about getting married.Atfirst his father disagreed because Tatay Juan, wants Carding to finish his studies.But since Carding changed his mind, Tata Juan supported his decision.He wants to marry Lucia, so they planned to ask for Lucia's hand with the help of other advocates,Manong Marcelo the school teacher and Inday Picat the fat old maid who were once a school teacher also.So one night they went to Teniente Paul's house so as to discuss about the wedding.Atfirst Teniente Paul is hesitant to decide.If he is going to let Lucia marry Carding or not.But since Tatay Juan and Carding are willing to agree in the terms and condition of Teniente Paul, the wedding will push through.If Teneinte Paul doesn't allow Lucia to marry him, he will carry away Lucia just to prove his unconditional love.The agreement was, Carding will build a house seven meteres …


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