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Woman Warrior

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Shervin Binafard
Instructor: Troy Cardenas
English 21 B
February 7, 2001
Woman Warrior Final
The Woman Warrior by Maxine Hong Kingston is a journey to self-understanding.Maxine H. Kingston was born in the United States, but her parents are from China.In thefirst chapter, No Name Woman, we learn about Maxine's aunt who was disowned from the family, removing her name like she was never born.We see how women were treated differently.The aunt was hiding from her pregnancy from her family because her husband had been gone for years, so it did not make sense to anyone that she was pregnant.It was not her choice to get pregnant; she was probably commanded to do so.Men gave commands and Women would have to listen. M.H.K. states, "Woman in the old China did not choose"(6).Maxine H. Kingston was raised to believe that as a Chinese girl you would fail to grow up to be but wives or slaves.In The Woman Warrior, Maxine Hong Kingston, the narrator claims her culture possesses sexist attitudes and language.
Maxine H. Kingston fairy tale fantasy of her being a woman warrior, we see how men think of women.The baron states to Maxine H. Kingston, "Oh, come now.Everyone takes the girls when he can.The families are glad to be rid of them.'Girls are maggots in the rice.''It is more profitable to raise geese than daughters'"(43).Maxine tries to fantasize about being the strongest avenger in her village, just like the story her mom told her about the woman warrior.Fa Mu Lan is who Maxine wants to be like, the strongest woman, stronger than any man is.In the fantasy,
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she encounters a man who thought women were useless.The men believe after raising your daughter to become a woman, will have no good outcome at the end.
The Chinese culture portrays women as being a disgrace on the earth.Maxine Hong Kingston states, "I don't know.Bad…


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