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Women and Pornography theory

Constitutionally protected speech that is Clearly sexual abuse is discriminating and
unconstitutional, therefore, must be restricted speech.Catherine A. MacKinnon, in her book
"Only Words" gives persuading evidence that pornography subordinates women as a group
through sexual abuse.She says "Protecting pornography means protecting sexual abuse as
speech, at the same time that both pornographyand it's protection have deprived women of
speech, especially speech against pornography (MacKinnon, 9).MacKinnon argues this bye
explaining defamation and discrimination, racial and sexual harassment, and equality and
Women are sexually abused for the making of pornography.Torture, rape, hot wax
drippingovernipples, and murdering women are the tools to produce a product of evil.
Literature is the description of these crimes against humanity (emphasized) and cameras are
On the assumption that words have only a referential relation to reality, pornography
is defended as only words-even when it is pictures women had to directly used to
make, even when the means of writing are women's bodies, even when a women is
destroyed in order to say it or show it or because it was said or shown.
However, assuming words are only a partial relation to reality would mean we would have to
reconsider what reality is.Our wedding vows such as "I do" would be meaningless and a jury
could never return a verdict that is only partial to reality.These words are "treated as the
institutions and practices they constitute, rather than as expressions of the idea they embody"
(Mackinnon, 13)Therefore, if these words of pornography are only words, don't they
institutionalize rape?Since pornography is rape on women.
Pornography is protected by the First Amendment as free speech, but why?Becaus


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