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Worries of aging

Aging is a natural process, with it comes worries as to what the quality of life will be in the golden years, A few concerns of aging are the failing of health, money and desertion of family and friends.
First health can be a major problem, People have a fear that sickness will come, and will it be minor, lasting only a few days or will it may be major like heart failure and will it require expensive medications like paxil. Will there be a hospital admission with expensive test like heart cauterization or open heart surgery. Will nursing be required when you return home or will you be able to care for yourself?
Money also is a concern with aging. Will there be social security benefit cuts if the government restructures it. Also will there be enough money coming into the household for bills, food and medical expenses. Will the home be safe from creditors or will it have to be sold due to past due bills that have accumulated.
Lastly Aging can find people out living friends and family.There are worries that no one will be there emotionally or finically and they will be left to fend for themselves. If family and friends are still living will they be there or continue with their lives and forget to include you in it.
Inconclusion. Aging can be scary and stressful. But it doesn't have to be. We need to address these issues to ensure that we will be at least cared for and free from, finicaldifficulty. This can be accomplished with 401K's land investments and Bonds. You can also deed your home to someone and place a living will on it. Then you can't loose the home, and can remain in it until your death. By doing these you will help to ease the worries that come with aging….


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