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Wrong Dreams of The Characters in Death of a Salesman

Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman contains many flaws in its characters. The main flaw is that the characters have "wrong dreams". The wrong dreams affected some of the character's lives in bad ways. The two main characters that have "wrong dreams" are Willy and Biff. By both of them having "wrong dreams" it leads them nowhere and it causes them both to have an unsatisfying life.
Willy is the character with the most "wrong dreams." One of his "wrong dreams" is that he wants his son, Biff, to fulfill his own dream of becoming a successful business man. This might have happened if he would not have caught his dad cheating on his wife with another woman (pp.38-39). We see that Biff was affected by that incident when Bernard says to Willy "Well, just that when he came back-I'll never forget this, it always mystifies me…" (p.94). Another one of his wrong dreams is that he thinks he'll be like Dave Singleman, a very good and popular salesman. Willy wanted to be like him because at his funeral there was so many people their including all of his buyers (p.81). This was a wrong dream for Willy because it was too late for him to achieve that and he could never be as good of a salesman or as popular as Dave Singleman because now he is too old and it is hard for him to travel, which makes it harder for him to be well known.
The other character with a "wrong dream" is Biff. Biff's "wrong dream" was his dream of living up to his father's expectations of him being a successful businessman. This was the wrong dream for him because he knew he could never live up to his father's expectations. Biff knew he could never live of to those expectations because he still has not found him self and he is not satisfied by any job. This dream would also never happen because of Biff finding out that Willy was cheating on his wife.


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