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Wuthering Heights

Emily Bronte used Nelly Dean and Mr. Lockwood as the narrators of Wuthering Heights for many good reasons.Nelly lived there though all of the dilemmas, conflicts, and deaths.Mr. Lockwood's narration supplied a different perspective on the story as it progressed in the present time.
Emily Bronte's use of the two narrators, Nelly Dean and Mr. Lockwood, is to give the story a third person view.A third person view is a view that is seen by a neutral character that sees all.Bronte needed a narrator who did not have a very distinct opinion on the situation; a person, which was unfortunate in this case, that got stuck in the middle of all of the ridiculous fighting.At times, the narrators discretely express opinions of characters in the story.The narrators go through a lot in the story, even though they are not related to any of the family members.Nelly Dean, who is a maid in the story, sometimes gets involved in the fights.For instance, Heathcliff once locked her up in a room for five days.Lockwood never gets into the fights, but he doesn't arrive until the majority of the bickering is over and settled; although, upon his arrival at Wuthering Heights, he is almost immediately scolded by Heathcliff.The narrators never have it easy.
The novel starts in the present tense as Mr. Lockwood arrives.In order to get the background information on the events leading up the present time, Nelly Dean tells the story of the past.Bronte uses her as the background narrator because she was involved or present during all of the events.Nelly knows both of the families; she is with both of the families at sometime in the story.She is a mediator of the two families' countless times in the story.Her narration of the events are always in great detail through the story.Nelly also somehow knows deep secrets of characters in land


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