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I would be referring to three episodes in the significance of the presentation of Nelly as a narrator in the novel. First episode ranges within chapter4, Volume1, Pg34-Pg40 where Nelly begins her narration by giving an overview of the conflict in Wuthering Heights. Second episode ranges from chapter9, Volume1, Pg78-chapter10, pg96 during Heathcliff's absence in the land of Thrushcross Grange and Wuthering Heights. And the third episode is Volume2, Chapter 2, pg166-chapter3, pg172 after Catherine's death. By these three episodes, we see Nelly as the relatively better narrator who also has her own Christian beliefs and opinions.She is also seen as the nurturing and motherly figure which transcends through both the generations of Catherine Earnshaw,Heathcliff and Catherine, Hareton, which will be significant to the novel's theme of enclose-ness and revenge and transcending love or inseparability.

Throughout the Novel, aside from other narrators like Zillah and Isabelle within Nelly's narration, Nelly's narration alone consists of only what happens within Thrushcross Grange and Wuthering Heights .Issues that happen beyond these boundaries remain a mystery to us. A valid example would be the departure and sudden return of Heathcliff in the end of the second episode, where the formerly "riggard", "gipsy" "uneducated" Heathcliff returns "look(ing) intelligent and retained no marks of former degration(pg96)"richer and more presentable than before>But even Nelly's narration throughout the novel is not informed of what happens beyond the boundaries of Thrushcross Grange and Wuthering Heights "I know all except where he was born and who are his parents and how he got his money, atfirst(pg35)"-Heathcliff's origins and where he gain his wealth upon his return remain a mystery. The departure of Isabelle to London parallels in the same theme of enclose-ness b…

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