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Wuthering Heights By Emily Bronte

Heathcliff, the main character in the story, has no heart. He is evil to the core – so savage that his lone purpose is to ruin others. He has destroyed his wife, and after he has watched the death of his son occur with no care nor concern, I feel sympathetic towards this character.
Bronte describes the young boy, Heathcliff, as dark, almost as if he came from the devil.He hates Hindley, and although the feeling is mutual, Heathcliff does cruel deeds. In one incident Mr Earnshaw has given both Hindley and Heathcliff a colt. When Heathcliff?s colt goes lame, he threatens to blackmail Hindley if he does not trade with him. At a young age, he begins to plot revenge against Hindley. "I'm trying to settle how he will pay Hindley back.He says that he doesn?t care how long he waits, if he can only do it at last. he hope he will not die before Hindley does.And in his adult years, we find him teaching Hindley?s son, Hareton, to swear desiring that the boy become just as foul as he.Heathcliff later develops another aversion.This time, to a man that married his lover, Edgar Linton. Heathcliff says, I compliment you on your taste. And that is the slavering, shivering thing you preferred me too. I would not strike him with my fist, but I kick him with my foot and experience considerable satisfaction.After the completion of this speech, Heathcliff proceeds to just as he had discussed. Later, to gain power of Edgar, Heathcliff elopes with Edgar?s sister, Isabella.Their marriage proves to be far from delightful, for Heathcliff has no love for Isabella. Is Mr Heathcliff a man?Isabella writes, if so, is he mad? And if not, is he a devil?Heathcliff?s company quickly destroys Isabella.Heathcliff has no love for his wife, he himself even says so.After Hindley?s death, Heathcliff raises Hareton.?§You are mine!?Heathcliff intends to achieve revenge on Hareton by treating the boy the same way Hindley had trea…


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