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Wuthering Heights comparitive

The theme of romance was present in the short story "Skating Party" and
Wuthering Heights.In these stories the love the main characters experience a passion for
one another that exist entirely outside social and moral conventions.In each case,the
main characters act on their passions without full knowledge of the power their passions
hold on them.Later on they make an important discovery about the power their passions
has on them.The power of passion is progressively exposed in both "Skating Party" and
Wuthering Heights by a series of "involuntary" and "voluntary" choices made by the main
In both "Skating Party" and Wuthering Heights the main characters experiences a
powerful attraction to another person.In Wuthering Heights,Heathcliff and Cathy
experience a passion so intense that it takes over their lives and blurs their sense of reality.
This type of passion is shown in the risk Heathcliff took when he visited Cathy at the
Grange while she was dying.Cathy so desperately loves Heathcliff that she doesn't want
him to leave,even though Edgar is coming back.When Nelly try to persuade Heathcliff
to leave he refuses and stays until Edgar comes back.This is a risk since Edgar hates
Heathcliff and doesn't want him in his house.
In "Skating Party" Nathan loves Delia,but the reader isn't sure if Delia feels the
same way towards him.We can see the passion that Nathan feels towards Delia when he
saves her after falling through the ice instead of Eunice.We can see that Nathan's passion
for Delia caused the death of his fiancée at the end because he reached for the hand that
didn't have rabbit fur around the cuffs,which was Delia's.Through these experiences,
we can see that the love that main characters feel for one anoth


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