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Wuthering Heights Lord Jim The Great Gatsby and A Passage to India

A protagonist is defined as a leading character in a written piece.The protagonist in a novel sets the story and frequently leads the plot.The protagonists can be analyzed to reveal the moral or meaning of a story.In the following essay, four main characters will be analyzed from E.M. Forester’s A Passage to India, Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights, Joseph Conrad’s Lord Jim, and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby.
In E.M. Forester’s A Passage to India, the main character, Dr. Aziz, is a Moslem doctor living in Chandrapore.He is a widower with three children who meets Mrs. Moore, an aged English widow who has three children herself and becomes friends with her.Even though Dr. Aziz is a munificent and caring man towards his English friends, after Adela Quested charges him with assault he becomes bitter, vindictive and developed more than hard feelings towards the British. When Ms. Quested experiences a mental collapse, the British assume that her circumstance was the result of sexual molestation and falsely accuse Dr. Aziz of this crime. When Dr. Aziz is found not guilty, he builds up a relentless hatred, not only for the British, but also for his own attorney. Dr. Aziz’s newfound viewpoint is an immediate response to his discrimination and in this sense is a product of English colonialism.
A primary concern of A Passage to India is the change of Dr. Aziz’s thoughts of the British, from a bit submissive to an aggressive viewpoint.In due course, Dr. Aziz realizes that he must judge and undertake the English on a personal and an individual basis. To carry this out, his attitude toward the English should be based on his direct experience with people, not on whether or not they are a European or an Indian.
One of the major themes of E. M. Forster’s novel is cultural misunderstanding. Contradictory cultural ideas and expectations dealing with hospitality, social proprieties, and the role of religion in daily life are respo…


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