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Toto begins to find interest in the opposite sex when he sees a new girl in his school. Toto and Alfredo's talks take a turn towards women and love. Something that most fathers talk about with their sons. Alfredo tells Toto the story of a solider who falls in love with a princess. While telling the story, Alfredo doesn't tell Toto what it is supposed to mean or how he can relate it to his own situation. Alfredo leaves him with, "And don't ask what it means. I don't know. If you figure it out, you tell me.?EThis is for Toto to think on his own, about himself, and about the entire issue of love itself. Without this positive male role model, Toto could have ended up in jail or other serious trouble, but with the guidance of Alfredo he was able to succeed into adulthood.
Toto, the main character in the film "Cinema Paradiso?Eis a lost child who requires the support and guidance of a father, the one thing missing in his life. Growing up in Giancaldo offered him a broad prospective on life and the world around it. With the direction given to him by Alfredo, Toto was able to come out of his young adulthood with knowledge and wits he would have never learned without him. In the end, Alfredo wants Toto to leave Giancaldo in search of a "better?Elife. I think what Alfredo wants is what he never got, to explore life outside of his hometown.
But, for the most part, this hamfisted movie is very enjoyable. Despite his crowding of the film with familiar Italian-character cutouts (screaming parents, admonishing priests, masturbating boys and, yes, even a town idiot), screenwriter/director Tornatore gives these and other cliches an entertaining flow, a certain Mediterranean deliriousness. His excessive spirit is given appropriately sentimental swirl by scorer Ennio Morricone, and comely authority by cinematographer Blasco Giurato, who floods “Paradiso” with exquisite compositions.
As the young tyke, Salvat…


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