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Year Of Wonders

Year of Wonders is set in 1666 England in a small village called
Eyam.The main characters consist of Michael And Elinor Mompellion and
the heroine Anna Frith. After Anna's husband, Sam, dies a lodger named
George Viccars takes up residence there and works at his trade as a tailor. I
bolt of cloth arrives from London that is infected with the plague. Yet sadly
even though Mr. Viccars died screaming to burn it all the villagers take all
that they paid to be done completed or not.Hence the plague spreads
feverishly fast throughout the community testing everyone's resolve when
asked to take an oath to stay in the village to keep the plague contained.
Soon after the plague sets in heavily witchcraft, greed, and madness begins
to seep into the villagers spurring more loss. All is left up to The
Mompellions and Anna to stem the flow of death and be a pillar for the fast
failing faith in all the villagers' hearts.
I believe Mr. Mompellion changed radically in the short span of one
year.He went from a very pious man, strong in the faith. To a man who had
lost faith…believing that there was no God.He began with a loving wife
and healthy mind and sound mind and ended up losing both in one
inglorious fall. He held up the community and in the end he could not even
hold himself up.He was a abject to sin yet wound up sinning gravely in one
I recall the scene of Elinor's death vividly. I can see and hear the
scream of Aphra behind Mompellion. I see him run towards her smothering
her filthy body and rotting daughter in a huge hug and Elinor joining in.I
see the head of the long dead Faith POP off and go rolling in the green
meadows of Cucklett Delf. I see the wild thrash of the Aphra beaten by grief
and driven mad by solitude slash Elinor and then thrust the large blade taken


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