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yellow wallpaper

In "The Yellow Wall-Paper", Charlotte Perkins Stetson talks about a husband putting his own wife into a room with yellow wall-paper with the intention to cure her illness because she is suffering from depression. One of the major themes of this story is feminism. Men are superior to women when this story is writing but the narrator in this story finds her own rights through the wall-paper as the story goes on. Atfirst, she doesn't like the wall-paper at all. As the time goes on, she realizes there is a meaning in the yellow wall-paper. Since the society at that time considers woman as house keeper and raising children as full time job, as she tears down the wall-paper, it symbolizes the struggle that a women goes through in the attempt to break out of the standards that the society have attached to woman. When she finally tears down completely the wall-paper, the narrator comments, "I've got out at last…in spite of you and Jane…I've pulled off most of the paper, so you can't put me back!" (263). It shows that despite the imprisonment by her husband, she ends up finding her freedomThe narrator identifies a woman trapped within the wall-paper which looks like the narrator herself in her room which was inhabit by an insane person. She wants to get out of the wall-paper as she thinks she is in the same situation like the women inside of it so she decides to start tearing down the wall-paper every night.


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