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Yellow Wallpaper

The Yellow Wallpaper is short story that was written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman in 1891.Gilman says she wrote because she had an experience very similar to the woman in the story.She was very depressed and was made to do things much like the woman is made to in the story.
The story begins with a woman who is mildly depressed.To cure her, her husband and physician, John, moves the family to a large estate in the country.The rest cure was very popular at that time and it consisted of just that, hours upon hours of rest.When they get to the estate, the woman is given the largest room in the house, an airy room upstairs that she say use to be a nursery but was converted to a gymnasium.The room is very strange.It has a huge wooden bed that is nailed to the floor and it had bars on the window.However, the strangest aspect of all is the wallpaper.It is a stale, putrid yellow with a perplexing design that is impossible to follow to an end.The woman also tells us that parts are ripped off and there is a "smooch" low on the wall all around the room.So she is made to stay in the room with the paper and atfirst she hates it.Then she becomes more and more obsessed by it and eventually drives her mad.
There are probably many ways to interpret this story, but I think the best way is to look at society in the era.In that time, women were a much lower class than men and they had next to no rights.In concordance with this fact, I believe that Gilman purposely did not give the woman in the story a name.This shows how many women of the time felt, like nobody's or obsolete.At other times, John will refer to her as "little girl" or say things like, "Bless her little heart, she will be as sick as she pleases!"This shows the complete lack of respect that he has for his wife.Also most medicinal practices at the time were primitive a


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