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Young goodman brown

For this story analysis I am going to write about "Young Goodman Brown" by Nathaniel Hawthorne.I want to focus on two aspects that I feel are the most important in giving this story it's meaning, they are, setting and Character.
"Young Goodman Brown", is a story that takes place in the colonial town of Salem, Massachusetts.As the story begins we are introduced to the main character, Young Goodman brown.Even with his name we gain instant insight to what type of person this man is."Young" may signify the character being young in his way of thinking, somewhat new to the ways of the world."Goodman" is used to signal us to that he is a righteous man, full of virtue. "Brown" being a very common name is used to show that it could be anyone.
The next character we are introduced to is a bit of a mystery.He is an older gentleman around 50years old, simply dressed but as the story states "he had an indescribable air of one who knew the world", this adds to the mystery of the man's identity.The footnotes also make an observation of the man's speed.He says that the clock of the Old South, was striking as he came through Boston. The old South he is talking about is the Old South Park Church, which is in the corner street of the Boston Common.Now it would have been impossible to get from Boston to Salem on foot in fifteen minutes.
As the two men walk into the woods the nature of their mysterious journey and the man's puzzling identity become clear.Young is at a proverbial crossroads of his moral life, of choosing the world (or Satan) or his faith, which could also be represented by his wife by the same name.Hawthorne being from Salem was not oblivious to its notorious past, he would have been well aware of the famed Salem witch trials of 1692 and all the controversy that surrounded them.
He is told of all these people that are in allian…


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