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young goodman brown vs. StarWa

The story that I have chosen to compare to the short story of Young Goodman Brown is the epic thriller motion picture, Star Wars.As most people probably know Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader are the two main characters of the movie, Star Wars.Goodman Brown and Luke go through some of the same obstacles and challenges, as well as meet with similar characters.Another similarity between the stories is that each main character encounters evil, in some form or another.Both Darth Vader and the evil character in Goodman Brown are portrayed as symbols of evil.All characters meet temptations opposite of their beliefs.There is a contrast in both stories between good and evil.
Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader have many encounters including ones which implement the use of violent weapons during the heat of battle.Light sabers were used by each man while in duels of good versus evil.Brown met up with a dark man that had a serpent staff, which he carried with him.The serpent represents evil and is dark, going from place to place in a twisted motion.The serpent waits and hides for their prey and attacks swiftly.Darth Vader's light saber is red which portrays death, similar to the serpent staff.The two colors black and red symbolize darkness and death contrasting to bright colors worn by Luke and Goodman Brown.
Luke and Brown have comparable life experiences, after each make personal decisions to take a different path in life.Luke starts out living with his family, working around the house and making sure that all the gizmos and gadgets are working okay.Brown starts out living with his wife, Faith, while having a healthy Christian relationship by implementing religion and values.Luke has to leave one day, and comes back to find out his family had been murdered by Darth Vader.Brown leaves the secure home with his wife to go out with a shady character into the dark and unforgiving forest.Each of these events pro…


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