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Young Goodman Brown

Young "GOOD" man Brown
Young Goodman Brown is a story that spotlights on a man that has to choose between right and wrong, and good and evil. Towards the end, Goodman's journey from the village through the forest and back again is turned into a self assessment about his own faith, trust, innocence, and experience. The story is about a good young man struggling on his own spiritual path, which can be paralleled to any of our lives in which we are tempted and have personal struggles of our own. He leaves his familiar place promising his wife, Faith, that he will return after one night. Brown is faced with many obstacles leading him to the choice between good and evil. His vision, though not defined as reality or a dream, he sees people he knows, friends and family, heading towards evil, but in the end he is able to avoid being drawn into the dark evil side. This story basically portrays the simple and not so simple choices that people have to make daily and as they progress through their lives. The story displays choices and consequences that come as a result of making certain decisions.
In the start of the story we meet Goodman Brown and his wife Faith who are saying their goodbyes to each other as Brown embarks on a journey through the forest. Faith begs Brown not to go because of the bad feelings she has been getting about this whole expedition, but Brown reassures her that everything will be alright, and he then leaves. Thisfirst choice of Brown's is one of evil, because he still decides to go even though he knows of the wickedness that the forest withholds, instead of staying with his "faith". Another aspect of evil in this decision is that we see the village as a light place, whereas the forest is known for being a dark and unpredictable place This is the case because in the village, people are normal, happy, everyday people going about their business, which is the light of his life. The forest o…


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